Shoulder Strain

by Rhonda, August 11, 2017
My shoulders ached as I leaned forward to stare at my screen. 

I need to sit up straighter, I thought to myself, so I don't hurt my back while sitting at the computer screen all day.  But, it didn't matter what position I changed, the pain remained.  It wasn't strain, it was stress.  I've always carried my stress in my shoulders.  The left side carries the most pain.  

There really isn't one specific trigger.  We've had a lot of trauma this summer.  Loss of loved ones, as well as a house fire, are two big stress triggers that come to mind.  But, I find it ironic that when I am shouldering things I shouldn't, my shoulders will literally hurt.  Right now, my left shoulder is on fire.  

So often, I worry, stress, and try to control everything in my life.  I keep trying to put myself first.  My wants, my needs, and my fears are all my number one priority.  But, what if my focus shifted?  What if I could relax and worry about things a little bit....less?  All of my striving, stress and worry are stealing my quality of life.

Perhaps the real reason I worry so much is because I don't trust God enough.  The bible tells me I am worth more than many sparrows, and God will take care of me.  I don't have to control everything, I can just trust God.  I don't have to protect my image, I can just relax.  

I have always wanted to be something great.  I pictured myself as a great businesswoman, someone who climbed to the top of the corporate chain.  Then, I pictured myself as a great ministry leader.  Someone who inspired thousands of people and stood on podiums and gave great speeches. Many more visions and dreams followed.

I came across this quote today while reading my Facebook feed:

There are a few, select people who make positive memorable change in the world yet each person, through their small actions can make a difference. In the end, you do not need the world to know your goodness, just the few people who you touch with your acts.

The more time I spend with God, the more I just want my goals and dreams to center around Him, not me.  Being a great success in business is nice, but being kind to someone is better.  

Perhaps I don't need the world to know my goodness.  Perhaps the world just needs to know His.  

It changes my perspective on everything. 

My shoulders feel better.