Uniquely Designed

by Rhonda, April 20, 2022

Romans 12:6-7 "God has also given each of us different gifts to use.  If we can prophesy, we should do it according to the amount of faith we have.  If we can serve others, we should serve.  If we can teach, we should teach."

Did you know that all snowflakes are unique?  There was a man named Wilson Bentley who dedicated his life to photographing snowflakes.  He perfected a technique where he captured snowflakes against a black velvet background.  The results of his photography are stunning.

Yet, none of them are the same.  Wilson Bentley was the first to argue no two snowflakes are alike, andhe was right.  He was enamored with these small ice creations, and sadly he died of pneumonia as a result of - yes, you guessed it - being outside photographing snowflakes.  He died pursuing his passion.

God's creativity is infinite.  I can't imagine a mind so endless it creates unique snowflakes. Snowflakes sometimes last a few seconds before melting!  Yet, He finds it worthwhile to create these tiny masterpieces.

God isn't into creating copies.  If God creates billions of unique snowflakes, imagine how many ways He makes each one of us unique.  He created each of us with unique personalities, looks, mannerisms, viewpoints, and even unique voices.  No two people look exactly alike.  No two people think exactly alike.

Yet, we spend so many of our days comparing ourselves to one another.  We want to be equal to, or better than, someone else.  It may be someone at school.  It may be someone at work.  It may be a sibling, a spouse, or even a friend.  We look for affirmation by comparing ourselves to others in our lives.  Depending on how we come out in the comparison game, we end up with either feelings of superiority or inferiority.  Neither is healthy.

Judging ourselves was never our role.  Comparing ourselves was never in the plan.  The only source of true affirmation is God's unconditional love for us.  We were never meant to be anyone but who God created us to be.

Comparison forever keeps us focused on all the things that are wrong with us.  When our focus stays on all of the things that are wrong, we become increasingly discouraged.  Comparison steals our energy and saps our strength.  

I remember when I was in the torturous confines commonly referred to as Middle School.  I hung out with a pack of pre-teen girls, complete with braces, who dressed alike, acted alike, and they all sounded alike.  The most popular of the bunch was a tall auburn-haired girl with a high pitched voice named Lisa.  Everyone wanted to be like her.

Being the weirdo I am, I even wanted to sound like her.  I remember one evening when I came home from school, I began to talk in a high pitched voice just like her.

My mother, never one to give dishonest feedback, stared at me.  "Why are you talking like that?"

"Like what?" I asked innocently.  "I always talk like this."

Mom laughed at me.  "No you don't."

"Yes," I argued back.  "I do.  I've always had a high voice."

Mom nodded.  "All right," she said.  "But you know, Rhonda, I've always thought you had such a nice voice.  Lisa, on the other hand, doesn't have as nice of a voice as you even though her voice is higher."

"Lisa's voice is annoying," my brother chimed in.

I got the point.  I was pretty embarrassed being called out like that. I immediately quit talking like Minnie Mouse and my mother graciously never brought it up again.

In our adult world, we may not walk around talking like a cartoon mouse, but we try to be like others in different ways.  We compete.  We become easily offended, defending our fragile egos as if they were actually important.  We let our self esteem rely on other people's opinions, allowing our moods to fluctuate like the wind, since they're dependent on other people's views.

But God says, I have made you unique, designed to move along a path I've designed just for you.  Is that new guy at work outperforming you?  Be his biggest cheerleader.  Let him have the spotlight.  Is your sibling getting married and having kids before you're even on your second date?  Good for them, but that's not your path right now.  Is your best friend the mother to perfect children while yours continue to struggle?  Maybe its because God designed you to be the perfect mother for your children.  You're not perfect, but you're the perfect match for them.

We're not supposed to run someone else's race.  We weren't designed for it.  Our unique gifts from God are needed specifically for the life path God has designed for us.  God gave you the exact gifts you need to navigate your life, your situation.  Your gifts aren't designed for someone else's life.

You don't have to compete.  You don't have to prove your worth.  That task has already been accomplished.  You're priceless in your Father's eyes.  After all, He created you and He died to be with you.  

That, my friend, is true affirmation

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