The Lake

by Rhonda, June 23, 2022

I continue to battle the calendar this week.  Today, amidst the myriad of accelerated deadlines, I also had a doctor's appointment.  I didn't want to cancel the appointment, because it would take forever to get another one.  So, I began work at 6 a.m, which would allow me to leave by 7:30 for my appointment and stay on track.

As I logged in over my steaming cup of coffee, my inbox popped up with a surprise e-mail.  One of my deadlines for today had been extended until Monday.

Wow.  Thank you, Lord.

I worked on a few other items until it was time to leave at 7:30.  While I was driving to the doctor's office, my phone rang.

"Hello Rhonda, the doctor has been called into an emergency surgery and she needs to reschedule for next week.  Is this okay?"

"Yes, absolutely," I said.

I was thrilled.  I could rush home and work on my other deadlines.  I had blocked an hour and a half for my doctor's appointment, so it was fantastic to have the time back.

As I drove home, I felt the prodding of the Holy Spirit as I neared the turnoff for my house. 

Keep driving.  Do you really think I cleared your schedule so you can work more?

In an unusual move for me, I actually listened.  I was supposed to be out of the office anyway. I kept driving towards a lake near my house, which is always a peaceful place for me. I pulled up next to the water and got out.  I sat on a large rock with my cup of coffee and looked at the water.  The water was like glass, the calmest I'd ever seen on the lake.

Immediately, my mind went to Psalm 23:

1The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters.

He literally led me beside still waters.  I looked at the water, and I noticed it was crystal clear.  I could see all of the way to the bottom.  Still waters provide clarity.

We had a long talk on that rock, God and I.  We talked about a lot of things I've been struggling with, and I had some special moments of clarity that will provide a tremendous amount of help to me.  We talked about my kids, my divorce, and my parents.  It was honestly one of the most special moments I've had with my Savior.

As I left, I counted the wildlife sightings as I drove home.  I saw eighteen different animals, most of them rabbits, but I was still excited to see all of them.  I noticed the birds in the sky, the wildflowers in the ground.  It all felt so magical and peaceful.

As soon as I got home, it began to rain.

"Mom," my daughter said, "my lesson is cancelled for today.  I have the day free."

"Wow," I said.  "Must be a theme."

I sat down at my computer and began to work again.  An e-mail popped up from my boss cancelling our meeting this afternoon.  My calendar wasn't just cleared for the morning, it had been cleared for the day.  I sat down and began to work, relieved to know everything was, all of a sudden, under control.

The cancellations have continued all day.  My daughter's plans for Sunday just fell through due to more unexpected events.  I'm not sure when it will stop, but I am enjoying the time to just rest in God's arms without so many obligations.

How foolish I am to think God won't take care of me.  He is so generous with his blessings.  

He loves us so very much.

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