The Grass Clippings

by Rhonda, August 04, 2022

The ring around our Alexa turns yellow, indicating she has some sort of communication for us.  She calls it a notification.

"Alexa, play notification," I say.

She proceeds to warn of a heat warning.  It is probably the third straight day of 100+ temperatures, and as a result, the third straight day of Alexa warning me it is going to be hot outside.  

We live on a few acres, and the property is a lot of work.  No one really sits around in our home.  If there's not something to work on inside of the house, there's always many projects to work on outside.

I walked into the living room where Alex and Grandpa were eating breakfast.  They work outside on the property nearly every day during the summer together. 

"Alexa says there's a heat warning today."

Grandpa nodded.  "We're going to mow as soon as we're done eating.  Its going to get too hot later."

I returned to my office and went back to work.  I heard the mower firing up shortly thereafter, and I was glad they were getting an early start.  Alex doesn't do well in extreme heat, one of the fun side effects of having radiation as a young child.  He likes to work outside, but overheating can hit him fast.

An hour later, I glanced out of my window to see large rain clouds forming.  Alex and Grandpa were sweeping grass clippings off of the concrete.  Grandpa was working on one side of the yard, and Alex was sweeping on the other.

A flash of lighting, followed by a clap of thunder, erupted in the sky.  Rain began to pour heavily.  I watched as Alex continued to sweep the sidewalk.

"ALEX," Grandpa yelled from the other side of the yard, "BAD NEWS!"

But, Alex kept sweeping.

"ALEX," Grandpa yelled again, "WE NEED TO GO INSIDE."

Again, Alex kept sweeping.  

Alex can be like that sometimes.  Cancer has slowed his thinking and when he's locked in on a task, he has difficulty moving his mind onto another thing.  My father happens to be extremely patient, and the two of them work well together.  This is a gift from God, and I can't thank Him enough for my father's patience.  Not everyone can handle dealing with that on a daily basis.

I stood to watch from the window while rain drenched the sidewalk, and their clothes.

Alex continued to sweep.

Grandpa ran over to Alex and put his arm on his shoulder.  I couldn't hear the conversation, but I know Alex told him he just wanted to finish.

So, Grandpa began to help.  He started at the other end of Alex's sidewalk, and the two of them swept grass clippings while the rain drenched their clothes, drenched their brooms.  The grass stuck on the sidewalk with the water, so it took more effort, but they took their time and they finished the entire sidewalk before coming inside.

My Dad could have made Alex come inside.

My Dad could have left Alex.

Instead, he swept grass clippings in the rain.

As I watched the scene unfold, I thought about how Christ never leaves us or forsakes us, even when we're doing things that don't make any sense.  He stays with us in the storm, even when we refuse to take shelter.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

I was quite moved, watching my father's selfless act of kindness.  Tears rolled down my face as I stood at the window.  I've not told either of them I saw what happened, but when the time is right, I'll thank my father for what he did.  

I am very blessed with my little unusual family, very blessed indeed.

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