The Doctor's Office

by Rhonda, July 25, 2022

I received some bad news about my health today.  It isn't life-threatening, and I'll spare you the mundane details, but it will probably require surgery.  All things considered, the news could have been much worse. 

So, I have no idea why I reacted with tremendous sadness, as if the news were much worse.  As I was driving in my car, leaving the doctor's office, I felt God whisper to me "We will face this together".  Up until that moment, I really hadn't let myself register the news.  I simply was going back to work, trying to finish my commitments for the day.  But, then His kind words seeped into my mind, and the wave of tears hasn't really stopped all day.

Single parents can relate.  We don't have a lot of support going through a health issue.  We need to protect our kids, and we're the sole earner of income, so sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves isn't really an option on the table.

But today, God reminded me that He fills the void.  I don't have to go through it alone.

I wrote down some advice to myself today, a reminder to be kind to myself.  Perhaps if you're going through a health issue, too, you'll find it useful:

God will face this with you.  You can take your time grieving it and processing it.  You don't have to pretend this is good news, or that it could have been worse.  God knows you are heartbroken.  He will heal your wounded heart if you give it to Him.  Its okay to cry over this.  Its okay to let yourself really hurt over it.  You can acknowledge this is hard and love yourself while going through it.  God will love you through it, too. 

You live in a human body and its okay to be sad when it fails.  Someday, God is going to give you a new body, and it will be healthy.  He will heal everything that is wrong in heaven -  just you wait and see!  There will be no pain, no more.  God sees your tears, but remember, He's going to make all things new.  That is a promise from God, and He doesn't break his promises.  He views a promise as an unbreakable vow.

He loves you so dearly.  If you don't feel loved through this, remember there's simply not enough love in the world to meet your needs.  This is why you need God.  Its the only way you're going to find enough love.  It won't come from food, social media, your ex, or even your family.  They will try, but they won't be able to meet all of your needs.  Only God can, and it makes the bond between you and Him so very special.

God is literally the only one who understands you.  He is the only one who can heal you.  He loves restoring you.  He loves making things new.  He will restore your broken heart.  He loves that you have chosen Him and He is so proud of you for turning to Him, time and time again.  His love has the power to heal.  

Work to let yourself grieve things that are hard.  Let God provide the love you can't find from this world.  Trust him to make all things new.  

What an amazing force God is.

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