The Valley

by Rhonda, July 06, 2022

I get nervous every time I have to show leadership.  I have several events this week that require me to show a tremendous amount of leadership.  Everything will go fine, but it won't keep me from worrying.  Do you ever get tired of battling dread?  Do you ever get tired of being insecure?  Isn't it stressful questioning your decisions, replaying all of your faults?  When I don't stay close to God, every day is a replay of my greatest misses - my greatest failures as an individual.

But, the truth is, God works his greatest miracles in my weaknesses.  He is the God of hills and valleys.  When I struggle, He will work his greatest victories.  Dread never takes into account the Christ of our valleys.  Dread is based on a miscalculation.

Replaying your faults is a waste of your time and energy.  It feeds the beast of dread.  We can defeat this beast with Christ.  

When we start to realize how much God loves us, we can start to accept ourselves as God has created us, instead of hating ourselves for what we perceive as faults.  The truth is, God is proud of you.  He cherishes each day with you.  He looks forward to days with you.  He is real, and His love for you is the most powerful force in the universe.  You were created because God loves you.  

Our power to defeat any adversary lies in love, whether that is love for God or love for others.  Jesus' power came from love.  Most never experience the true power of love because we are caught up in people pleasing and sin.  But, we have the capacity to experience total power and victory through Christ, through living a life of love.  We should always keep moving towards this goal.

Can you imagine the transformation in our lives if we truly, truly knew how loved we are?  You wouldn't believe your own strength.  God's love provides an endless source for us, an ability to truly live a life of love.  But, our life follows our focus.  If our focus is on money and wealth, then our focus will be on how to obtain money and wealth.  But, God is love.  If our life is focused on God, then our lives will be focused on love.

We cannot imagine the depth of love God has for us.  I dare you to put yourself out there and truly love without fear of getting hurt.  What if we honestly let our light shine?  What if we weren't afraid?  We would only become stronger.  We would lose all insecurities because we no longer have to live for our own gain - needing everyone around us to pat us on the back and constantly tell us they love us.  It is no longer needed to have anyone's approval, because we have the only approval that matters.

Instead, we would be free to enjoy life.  Love frees, and God wants us to live a life of freedom.  He loves us so much.  He's ready to break our chains.

Let's do it.

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